1.  Details of the order must be checked by the Customers and the company informed of any errors within three days.

2.  Orders can only be cancelled providing the manufacturers agree to accept our cancellation of the order.

3.  Refunds may be made less 10% charge to cover telephone and clerical work in accordance with the proceeding paragraph.

4.  No delivery date can be guaranteed.

5.  Claims for non-delivery or delivery of damaged goods must be in writing within three days of receipt of invoice, otherwise the company cannot accept responsibility.

6.  No responsibility for damage to underfloor services or any damage resulting from it can be accepted unless they are clearly marked for the fitter to see.

7.  Areas for fitting must be reasonably cleared of furniture. Failure to do so could result in additional charge.

8.  The Company is not responsible for cutting or re-hanging doors after fitting, unless specifically confirmed on confirmation of order.

9.  Goods and or services other than those stated on this confirmation will be charged accordingly.

10. Non access to site where pre-arranged, may incur a cost time charge.

11. In order to give the purchaser the benefit of any technical developments the company reserves the right to alter or modify the installation specifications wherever necessary without notice.

12. All cut pile Carpets are subject to characteristic called “Shading”. This is a natural Phenomenon but can give the impression of light and dark areas, not unlike watermarking. You should be aware of this characteristic, as all manufacturers do not accept it as a valid complaint.

13. Please note, Appliances ie: Equipment installed to Water, Gas or Electricity Connections must be removed by others prior to the installation date.  No responsibility will be taken for Mechanical or Electrical Appliances that require moving to achieve a clear working area for continuation of works.

14. The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the company until such time as the customer has made full and complete payment to the Company of all sums due from the Company under this agreement in respect of the goods; Acceptance of this implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

15. Damp or rising water or other contaminants where not apparent at time of installation will be deemed to be the responsibility of others and NOT Metric Carpets or their employees.

16. The Customer will advise of any problems relating to site conditions that they are aware of ie. Survey by others.

17. Products ordered, where quantity or size is specified by Customer, no responsibility can be accepted for errors.

18.a Natural floors expansion or movement will be deemed normal and subject to manufacturers and trade tolerances acceptable.

18.b Responsibility will not be accepted for damage caused by the use of steam cleaners on any of our products or installations.

19. Uplift and disposal of existing Carpet where not specifically mentioned on confirmation of order will be charged accordingly and to the scale of charges relating to commercial dumping of rubbish and the present legislation covering this.  Re-cycling of waste will be undertaken by F R Cawley & Co subject to the ability to do so with the uplifted product,

20. Metric reserves the right to refuse installation in areas that are foul or likely to cause damage to health.

21.a Goods may be charged in full when delivery is delayed by Customer and not shown on original confirmation of order.

21.b Carpets held at our warehouse for periods in excess of 6 months, a charge will be levied on a monthly basis thereafter.

21.c “Carpets held at warehouse after initial 1st phase fitting”, Pressure from the roll may leave appearance of undulation this
will resolve itself over a period and is not accepted as a fault.

22. Where Materials delivered to site for acclimatization, materials will be charged part thereof.

23. Where deposit paid by Credit/Debit Card, final balance will be collected on same card on delivery.

24. With effect from 01/02/2011 we no longer accept Cheques as a method of payment

25. Accepted methods of payment: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or Electronic Bank Transfer.  Where direct payment to Metric
Carpets Bank Account – Payment must be paid in full as shown on confirmation of order.

26. Materials will be ordered by Metric upon receipt of Deposit.

27. Bank details:  Barclays Bank – Account Number 93820017 – Sort Code: 20-57-40