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At Metric Carpets you are guaranteed a professional service.  With over 43 years of experience, our team is qualified to help you.  We provide impartial advice and quality installations.  97% of homes have Carpet – and no wonder!  With unrivalled underfoot luxury, practically unlimited choice of colour and design potential, Carpet has long been recognised as providing that special welcome.

With advances in manufacturing technology, 95% of all Carpet produced today is tufted.  It takes about an hour to make a roll of carpet that might take eight hours to weave.

To make a tufted carpet, hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary backing fabric to form loops or tufts, which may be left as it is cut.  A heavy adhesive coating is applied to hold the tufts in place and and secondary backing is usually glued on for strengh and stability. A wide variety of styles and textures can be created using various techniques.

Woven Carpet may be a tiny minority of todays production but still produces some of the finest carpets which are used for prestigious installations. The pile of the carpet is inserted into the backing as it is woven and cut to length. The process locks in the fibre to create a carpet of high durability and performance retention as well as luxury feel. Axminsters and Wilton are high quality carpets with unrivalled durability.

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